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iFXL is pleased to provide our selection of essential forex calculators to traders, enabling you to have comprehensive statistics on your trades. Using these tools, you can estimate profit and losses on your trades, evaluate margin requirements for secure trading and calculate the impact of taking specific positions with different sizes.

Our Trading Modes


iFollow is the newest feature on FX Trading Option's platform.  iFollow allows traders to follow the best and most experienced traders on our platform.  Novice traders are able to make substantial profits simply by following our more advanced traders, from the day they deposit funds into their account.  All traders need to do is to choose the trader that they believe will be the most successful and automatically have all of their trades duplicated into their account.


Here is the process of how to go about using iFollow on FX Trading Option’s platform:

You will find the iFollow tool under “trade now” once you are logged into your account.

Once they have chosen the trader, they need to choose the type of trades they prefer to be copied into their account by clicking on “Asset Trader”.  The default is “Cross-Asset Trader” which means that you can trade a number of different assets, or you can also decide to follow a specific asset. 

Once you have chosen the trader you will be following and have set the parameters, including time frame which gives you, the option of following your desired trader for 1 day or an entire year, and also have chosen the amount per trade.  Traders can click on the “Followed Traders” tab to see the process of their trades. 


Are you prepared to begin profiting today with a skilled and experienced trader?

Trading Robot

What does trading bot mean?

Trading Bots are software programs that talk directly to financial exchanges, and place buy and sell orders on your behalf. They make those decisions by watching the market's price movements, and reacting according to a set of predefined rules. If you are looking at forex trading without any or very little knowledge of the financial exchange market then a good trading option is working with a trading bot, One Touch trading bot is all you need. 

FX Trading Option provide you with a platform to execute tons of trade with just 'one touch' using any trading bot of your choice.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Here at FX Trading Option Option Trader, One Touch Trading Bots Option offer you the chance of making unlimited returns on your investment. Your success in using this option solely depends on your Trading bot. It should be noted that these types of options can be more challenging than standard binary options. Getting a good tradTra bot could be very challenging. However we do not adjust our system to work against any trading bot uploaded on our server. With FX Trading Option, you have to be sure that the price of the asset will get to a predetermined level. This is unlike some standard options where they design their system to work against the predicted direction of the underlying asset’s movement if a trading bot is found always making profit.  The direction and target price will never be affected by FX Trading Option.

FX Trading Option do not and will not provide any trading bot. However, we may provide you with recommendations only. The bot trading options are made available only after traders must have uploaded their trading bot. You can access your bot trading performance on your trade history.

To start trading on One Touch Trading Bot. click here to open an account with us.

Terms & Conditions for One Touch

•   You total profit will reflect in your account and will be added to your total balance on the day and time your trading bot is stopped.

•    Contact Us  if you have any further questions regarding One Touch Trading Bot Options Trading.

Binary Option

Binary Options: Straightforward yet profitable

What is Binary Options trading?

Also referred to as Digital Options, Binary Options became available as a method of investing in the financial markets in 2008. It is a simple way that anyone can make money off different financial markets. The mechanics of binary options trading are accessible to both novice and expert Forex traders. Today, binary options have become very popular, with many people transitioning across from Forex in a bid to derive profits from this unique and highly profitable trading vehicle.

Trading binary options simply involves making a prediction on the likely direction of movement of an underlying asset. This could be a currency, index, commodity or stock. The trader also has to choose a designated expiration time. When trading Binary Options, the trader does not have to purchase the asset in itself. All that is required is for you to make a prediction regarding the direction the asset will take over a certain period of time.  With binary options, there can only be two potential  outcomes… the only thing that matters is whether the prediction you have made is right or wrong for the time frame you have chosen.

How to trade Binary Options on FX Trading

•   Pick the asset you wish to trade.

•   Select “Call” if you think the price of the asset will go above your entry price at the time of expiry.

•   Select “Put” if you believe the price will fall below the entry price at the time of expiry.

•   Sit back and wait for the outcome of the trade.

•   Collect your profits if the trade ends in-the-money.

•   Move on to the next trade if it ends out-of-the-money.


 What are the advantages of Trading Binary Options?

•   Binary options offer a simple way of trading the financial markets. All you need to do is to assess the likely
    direction of an asset’s price over a certain period of time.

•   You do not have to worry about hidden spreads, commissions or fees, as your risk and reward is clearly
    displayed on the platform.

•   Binary Options contracts can be purchased at any time of the day. This means that there is always an open
     market through which you can derive profits.

•   You can easily customize your binary options trading, because the assets expiry time, and investment amount
     are decisions left to you.

•   The market doesn’t have to make large moves for you to actualize decent profits. Even a single point in your
     favor is enough for a trade to end in-the-money and make you money.

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Account Manager

Please Note that your account manager will not contact you unless you request for his/her attention and support.

The business of foreign exchange trade has always been known to be a risky and confusing venture especially with people who have no knowledge of how the market works, people who have no time to study and observe and those who do not possess the patience and psychological trait needed to carry out a forex transaction; hence the existence of the forex account manager.

A forex account manager is a person who transact or handles an account on behalf of another person or client for a fixed amount of money or profit made. It is in other words just like transferring an account’s power of attorney to another person for the purpose of conducting successful transactions in the forex market.


The responsibilities of a forex account manager vary depending on the type of account he manages and the agreement with the account owner. Basically, he is charged with ensuring adequate satisfaction of his clients by making successful transactions. He is also responsible for making transaction decisions, takes care of the opening and closing of deals, identification of opportunities corresponding to the account he runs and the proper day to day running of this deal until its completion. In addition, he takes responsibility for the gains and losses invited by the accounts he manages. Ensuring the successful execution of market strategies and objectives while trading to meet the expectation of his clients is his sole goal.


A good account manager first and foremost has a proven track record of successful sales and transaction trailing his person.  One who cannot manage his own account cannot manage another’s and as such, the ability to have a trail of winning trends in one's chosen field can only determine the level of success he will have with a client’s account.

Experience is the trait to have for everyone that wishes to manage other people’s forex account.  This ensures his ability to take care of investments entrusted to him, and is not surprised by unpredicted stunts that might be hauled or pulled at him in the market.

To excel as a forex account manager, a good background of customer/client service relationship should be established. A client seeks for trust and loyalty from his account caretaker which cannot be obtainable if there is an awkward relationship between them. The manager needs to create an air of believability and ease around the client to be able to arouse the trust in them.

Aside from being a trading expert,  he needs the much needed emotional control to be able to make level headed decisions which may avert huge losses Jan the case of a disaster during transactions.

In conclusion, the forex account manager should possess the right education, be target driven and oriented, dynamic and innovative in carrying out his duties to his client for the sole purpose of sales profit and gains.